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#23 An Hour of Advertising with… Tom Goodwin

To kick off Season Two of An Hour of Advertising we have a Blockbuster interview with Publicis Groupe’s Head of Future and Insight Tom Goodwin. As refreshingly honest as always, Tom reflects on a diverse career path, the oddities of thought leadership, and why agencies often end up saying such stupid things…

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#6 An Hour of Advertising with… Amelia Torode

Amelia Torode runs The Fawnbrake Collective, one of a new wave of businesses born out of a frustration of the way most agencies run. In our hour we discuss the need for more diverse and forward-thinking businesses, how you promote yourself, what it’s like working in the US and a whole lot more…

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#4 An Hour of Advertising with… David Wilding

David Wilding is Head of Planning at Twitter. Sounds like a cool job, right? It is. We discuss how David got a role working at one of his favourite businesses, how to get the best out of Twitter, what he learnt during 15 years at some of the UK’s biggest media agencies…and, of course, how you win at Blankety Blank.

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